Feature Ideas

Ideas, bugs, comments to improve InstaWP!

  1. Plugins & Themes License Integration

    Allow users to connect their plugin & theme license for 1-click activation on sites they are creating on InstaWP or migrating to a hosting provider.

    Vikas Singhal


  2. Lock site for maximum security

    Simple brochure sites are primarily static, and don't need dynamic functions. Most of them require only a contact form, which can be taken care of by a third-party service. For these types of sites, an option to completely lock both the database and the file system would minimize maintenance and prevent security issues altogether, bringing complete peace of mind for clients and developers. Rocket.net implemented this feature recently, and it works well.

    Anonymous Ragdoll


  3. Clear / Delete debug.log

    Context: "View logs" pop-up of each website. Idea: Having two more buttons on the debug.log of each site - CLEAR and DELETE logs. CLEAR button - will only clear the current contents of the logs (visually), so that you can continue testing and therefore, generating new logs, and have an easy way of capturing ONLY each test/scenario's logs generated, while keeping the entire full log in the original /wp-content/debug.log file for later usage. DELETE logs button - this, will of course, simply delete all logs (including the debug.log file) , which of course will then show up again if it's generated and so on (this is what happens now, but I am using manual labor to go into "Code Editor", surf on /wp-content/ and manually remove debug.log each time, which is a bit frustrating.

    Lucian P
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  4. Automated Daily/Weekly Version (backups)

    Provide an option to take automated daily or weekly backups for InstaWP sites, this will help users recover sites if something goes wrong. Also an option to limit the automated backups to last X times.

    Vikas Singhal
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  5. Option to add site description

    Problem: I have 5 sites with a random name that were created a week ago. Now I don't remember why each one was created. Solutoin: A description field below the URL. I could explain the purpose of a site like "Testing Woo shipping options" or "Testing theme update".

    Rahul V
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  6. Export Static .zip for Website

    Exporting static .zip for sites hosted on InstaWP.

    Vikas Singhal
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  7. Suspend an InstaWP site

    Sometimes when we move a client from InstaWP to our production service we aren't quite ready to nuke everything on InstaWP. I'd like to be able to suspend the site (or redirect it from the dashboard) without deleting it while we wait for it to expire.

    Anonymous Kiwi
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  8. Gridpane Partnership

    Please explore a partnership with Gridpane. They also have funding from Automattic and are much more established than a platform like ServerAvatar. https://gridpane.com/

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  9. Website should have a settings to disable all Plugins.

    It would be great if the website owner could disable all installed plugins. If any unexpected errors occur, this setting will assist users in recovering the website.

    Anonymous Bongo
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  10. Create Staging Sites in localised datacentre selection

    Allow the selection of the datacentre location for staging sites created from within the WordPress plugin to speed up staging creation.

    Matt W
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  11. Make custom name for staging in wordpress plugin

    Provide option in wordpress plugin to let people make custom name instead of random name for their staging so it's more visual in instawp dashboard.

    Anonymous Lamprey
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  12. Export to Google Drive

    Export sites to Google Drive for safe keeping.

    Vikas Singhal


  13. Be able to set site expiry when creating a new site

    When creating a new site (whether from scratch, or via a template) could we please be able to set the site expiration? By default this is 15 days (I think). When creating sites for testing I only want them to be around for a couple of hours. I know I could add some extra code to manually delete them but it would be som convenient to just have them auto-expire after a couple of hours. Fingers crossed this isn't too hard to add support for. :-)

    David G


  14. [Configurations] Allow to configure wp-config.php further (to make it less random)

    I'm attempting to have the same environment in InstaWP and in my local development environment, as much as possible, so that the same integration tests work seamlessly in both of them. When creating a new configuration in InstaWP, some items are not random anymore. In particular, I can select a "static" WordPress username (so I can set it always as "admin"). That is excellent! I'd like to propose to do the same for a few other items: table prefix: then I can set it as "wp_" SALT keys: I can copy/paste the same ones About the SALT keys, to make the UI simple, instead of having many inputs (one input per SALT constant), we could just copy/paste the corresponding PHP code into a single textarea input: define( 'AUTH_KEY', 'P-wq#|>Yr_wU|Y,-uSNm [r|dr]:[;ncPC7H9ij.n?>UPwW]D#_T7ZH`w9;?gh$' ); define( 'SECURE_AUTH_KEY', 'U63Q+.PzZQjOX+3Y}ygMJQ4A-i0?+(-1%yN3p*?c|,;Cv;9T&;<2(@sCM44' ); define( 'LOGGED_IN_KEY', '0xF=){U!P|yI9:B{o6>2B [{-uz<nET?aYZ3:$:<EFE(%BitVEj:Xwh5,*C,A3' ); define( 'NONCE_KEY', 'H{gQ, ;FZOoqMi0x+=r_$G0SN&g0tls6aPGVq>v]f>{#bi]+:7j_Z(>ie7P.6Gw' ); define( 'AUTH_SALT', 'fLaowQ@oZdsdL6D71zHD3b[(%JG(.eX=e#X;>Ng1+R#kqwIvIU7A.a0%2>GT#B' ); define( 'SECURE_AUTH_SALT', 'Yy#ibLj/*m^,6J,G@$Hz&gt;|J7x8@#6P$9>:jntItyMl(63@MHE4E8^aZWz9^dok' ); define( 'LOGGED_IN_SALT', 'W,ec}p&gt;Bi1dIi!HM&lt;;OqbW3gkA{#r<mx4KXKquRvJ$ Ra-JjfgG[&qe?wRGicL' ); define( 'NONCE_SALT', 'ecwxmWJi:q&%AjT8=pkN[4=S&lt;,.oXPWoJVX+m_DkmBluE3|9wecEH2s^Xp]F|' ); Thanks

    Leonardo L
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  15. Have SSH/FTP enabled by default

    I happen to manually go into a lot of instances and enable FTP/SSH to be able to access them. In my case, when using Deployments: https://docs.instawp.com/docs/deployments/add-deployment I’d love that if a deployment is generated from a PR, have SSH enabled on it by default, and in the automated message have a command that I can quickly copy to connect to the new instance via SSH, e.g: ssh hiniyonile5453@m-enforcer-wuka.instawp.xyz

    Edu W