Watch this space for release announcements for InstaWP

  1. v2.31.0: Bulk Update Connected Sites, Powerful Templates, and more


    ⚡ Bulk Update option for Connects 

    ⚡ New UX/UI and options for Templates (add/edit)

    ⚡ Easier Pricing Page - Staging Sites & Template Sites (aka Demo sites) quota is now merged

    🔌 Support for PHP 5.6 (useful for upgrading older sites)



    🔌 Magic login errors.

    🔌 Heartbeat from connected sites were missing.

    🔌 Fix total site calculation for migration.

    🔌 2-way sync events and optimizations. Bricks builder support.

    🔌 Magic login support for maintenance mode plugin by Webfactory.

    🔌 Rest API blocking issue related to security plugins.



    ⚡- InstaWP App | 🔌 - Connect Plugin


  2. v2.30.0: Optimized Live, Staging & 2-way sync (and 20+ more updates)


    ⚡ On-demand backup facility

    ⚡ Option to clone InstaWP Live sites

    ⚡ Option to add multiple Domains for hosted Sites

    🔌 Activity Log

    🔌 CLI command to reset staging

    🔌 Migration support for Elementor Cloud

    🔌 Option to hide shortcut and hide flashing.

    🔌 Animation on staging site refresh button

    🔌 Support for COOKIE_DOMAIN constant in wp-config.



    ⚡ Translation For Hosting and Golive

    ⚡ UX/UI issues

    ⚡ SSH SFTP Password limit

    ⚡ Search Replace URL on Hosting site map domain

    ⚡ WaaS Insta Site migrate Connect URL

    🔌 Configuration issues for staging creation from local

    🔌 2-way sync event date timezone issue.

    🔌 2-way sync duplicate event issue.

    🔌 Staging site list items' automatically removal



    ⚡ Magic login

    ⚡ The overall system architecture is now SaaS-based

    ⚡ InstaWP Live's PHP and WP versions updated

    ⚡ InstaWP Live Pricing Calculator UI

    🔌 Overall performance for every dashboard page being loaded

    🔌 2-way sync feature's performance

    🔌 Stabilized the staging site creation process



    ⚡- InstaWP App | 🔌 - Connect Plugin


  3. v2.29.0: APP UI Fixes & Connect Plugin Revamping



    🔌 Option to filter sync changes based on the status. (Pending/Completed).



    ⚡ Translation issues related to WaaS

    ⚡ Translation issues related to Shared Templates

    ⚡ Bugs related to new user login

    🔌 Missing query var error

    🔌 Handle database host/port/IPv6 support for push

    🔌 File Manager auto login issue

    🔌 Database Manager DB Host issue

    🔌 The Refresh button's functionality for the Staging sites list

    🔌 URL Replace not working for Elementor (2 way sync)

    🔌 2-way sync Issues




    ⚡- InstaWP App | 🔌 - Connect Plugin


  4. v2.28.0: App UI renovation, new buttons, and Cache Purge Support for Elementor


    ⚡ An export button to the sales table for monetized tamplates

    ⚡ Option to add a guest email in the private template

    ⚡ A go-live button for the Staging sites 

    🔌 Cache purge support for Elementor



    ⚡ Translations for various locales

    ⚡ Social signup event

    ⚡ WaaS issues

    🔌 iwpdb database table structure

    🔌 connect id issue



    ⚡ User Interface




    ⚡- InstaWP App | 🔌 - Connect Plugin

  5. InstaWP Live is Released 🚀


    Dive into hassle-free hosting, explore the power of staging to live, and elevate your WordPress journey with InstaWP Live. Yes, it's time! 🥳


    Now you can:

    • Create a new Hosted site: + New Site > InstaWP Live
    • Publish your existing Sites : Click the rocket icon next to any staging site.



    • Professional Plan users get InstaWP Live credits of $18, reduced from their bill every month. (worth 1 site of Lite plan).
    • Agency Plan users get InstaWP Live credits of $36, reduced from their bill every month. (worth 3 sites of Lite plan).





  6. v2.27.0: InstaWP Live features, UI changes & Plugin Mega-update


    ⚡ New UIs for migration and onboarding new users.

    Go Live feature for staging sites.

    ⚡ InstaWP Live features - Backups, phpMyAdmin etc.

    🔌 Support for Flywheel hosting to create staging sites.

    🔌 Support for WooCommerce in 2-way sync.

    🔌 Support for WordPress (theme) Customizer in 2-way sync.

    🔌 Support for RunCloud Hub cache purge support.

    🔌 Support for Core, Theme, and Plugin Update via Connect API.

    🔌 Support for Theme and Plugin Activation and Deactivation via Connect API.

    🔌 Faster magic login for Connected sites.



    ⚡ Bugs on the Hosting screen

    ⚡ Translations support extended with more languages

    🔌 Various migration issues, e.g., the one related to the File mimetype.

    🔌 Image upload mechanism for 2-way sync.

    🔌 Auto-disconnect from InstaWP API .

    🔌 Sync tables installation only when required.




    ⚡- InstaWP App | 🔌 - Connect Plugin


  7. v2.26.0: Support for Local sites, sub-domain on WaaS checkout, and more!


    ⚡ SSH and SFTP for InstaWP-hosted sites

    ⚡ Sub-domain on WaaS Checkout

    Hosting Site Listing page has a new design

    🔌 Support for local websites using WP CLI

    🔌 Support for Malcare security plugin



    ⚡ Issues related to Migrate v3

    ⚡ Deletion functionality of Connected sites

    ⚡ WaaS's unique link webhook

    🔌 Nonce checking and access control

    🔌 Sync limit and event tracking issues in 2-way sync

    🔌 Vulnerability issues

    🔌 Migration issues related to Usage.




    ⚡- InstaWP App | 🔌 - Connect Plugin


  8. v2.25.0 - Template Lockdown, Support for Really Simple Redirect



    ⚡ Advanced Security features for Shared Templates - Lockdown Websites.

    🔌 Support for custom names of staging websites.

    🔌 Extended support for the Really Simple SSL Redirect plugin

    🔌 Selectively sync events with 2 Way Sync (no need to sync everything).



    ⚡ WaaS can be embedded as an iFrame

    ⚡ Retina logo can be uploaded in Shared templates.

    ⚡ InstaWP's template Store's interface

    🔌 Quick staging is event faster now.



    🔌 Issues related to sending the Heartbeat.

    🔌 Migration issues with wp-config file.

    🔌 Issues related to 2-way sync event tracking



    ⚡- InstaWP App | 🔌 - Connect Plugin


  9. v2.24.0 - SSH Deployer, UI Updates, Selective Sync



    ⚡ Free users now see a one-time splash screen.

    ⚡ WaaS and Migrations now use faster & reliable migration method using SSH.

    ⚡ WaaS Webhook Integration.

    🔌 Option to enable or disable 2-way sync events.

    🔌 Option to individually select events for sync.

    🔌 Row-level database tracking progress on the migration.



    ⚡ Invoice status for InstaWP users.

    ⚡ Store's interface

    ⚡ Team page's UI

    🔌 Send heartbeat immediately after connect a website.



    ⚡ WaaS, Template, and site features

    🔌 File Permission issue for file names with unwanted characters.

    🔌 Migration issue with wp-config file on parent directory.

    🔌 Heartbeat sending issue.




    ⚡- InstaWP App | 🔌 - Connect Plugin 


  10. v2.23.0 - Template Store and App Updates


    CleanShot 2023-12-19 at 14.55.20@2x


    • New: Option to filter templates by Page Builders added to InstaWP Store
    • New: WaaS - End-users can cancel subscription through the self-service portal.
    • Fixed: Many minor issues with WaaS and Whitelabel domains.
    • New: New onboarding flow on our website supports social logins (Google, Facebook or X)