Watch this space for release announcements for InstaWP

  1. v2.10.0 - New site dialog box, New and Template monetization beta access

    Screenshot-Dashboard - InstaWP-2023-02-10-002424

    - Added: New site dialog box (template store coming soon)

    - Added: New UI/UX for and site launches from Chrome Extension.

    - Added: Pagination for Template Sites

    - Added: Show UI notification when a new version is released

    - Added: Gallery for templates, add multiple photos to a template (this will soon take effect on the front end too).

    - Added: We can migrate your site to a non-busy server if you think your site is slow, contact our support.

    - Added: Webhook history export for template sites.

    - Added: Beta access to template monetization

    - Fixed: Unable to delete site versions

    - Fixed: SSL issues and various backend stability fixes.


  2. v2.9.0 - Command Library, Debug Logs and Colors for Sandbox


    - Added: Command library to quickly import and test Commands

    - Added: Chrome Extension can now install plugins/themes into existing sites.

    - Added: View debug logs (hint: enable WP_DEBUG via Configurations when creating a new site or add it manually to wp-config.php for existing sites).

    - Added: Color chooser in Shared Templates (primary & accent colors) to created super-branded landing pages for your Plugin & Theme demos

    - Fixed: Static username not working for whitelabel customers

    - Fixed: Buy Addon screen re-design

    - Fixed: Map domain screen re-design

    - Fixed: Moved UI to websocket (snappier interface)


  3. v2.8.0 - Commands & Versions

    New Release

    In this release we have released two major features - Versions (snapshots) & Commands.


    Import / write custom commands to be executed on sites. WP CLI, composer and npm are supported out of the box. Select a site and then execute commands (one site or multiple sites).

    Screenshot-Commands - InstaWP-2023-01-03-001428@2x


    When working on a site, you can save a quick "version" (snapshot) and restore when needed. (Sites > ... menu > Versions)

    Screenshot-Dashboard - InstaWP-2023-01-03-001430@2x


  4. v2.7.0 - PHP 8.2 Support

    New Feature

    - Added: PHP 8.2 Support

    - Added: Mailchimp tags support

    - Added: Multiple SSH Keys

    - Added: Gitlab support for webhooks

    - Added: Search engine configuration

    - Added: Faster site creation from templates

    - Added: Change Template PHP Version

    - Fixed: Slack app is now working again

    - Many stability and performance fixes.


  5. v2.6.0 - Git Integration v2 (last chance BFCM!)

    New Feature

    - Added: Webhooks for Git integration

    - Added: Added Git integration for existing sites (template integration is already present).

    - Added: View "Command Logs" for Deployment related output in Sites > View Logs > Command Logs.

    - Added: non-zip URLs now allowed in Configurations > WordPress.

    - Fixed: Design for shared templates a.k.a sandboxes.

    - Fixed: Code Editor / Auto login issues with Map domain (and remove domain mapping).

    - Fixed: Several security controls for our infrastructure.

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  6. v2.5.0 - InstaWP Connect (Beta)

    New Feature
    New Feature

    - Our WordPress plugin "InstaWP Connect" to help create a staging site or copy your production site to InstaWP is live at

    (beta, updated very frequently).

    - Added: Move sites from "shared templates" to regular site in 1-click.

    - Added: Chrome Extension v1.1.1 released with major enhancements. Install plugins / themes on existing sites (authenticate your InstaWP account with the new extension).

    - Fixed: Several stability and security fixes.


  7. v2.4.0 and We are live on Product Hunt


    Stop reading and upvote us first :-)

    Link :

    - Added: Protect Site using username / password (Tools > Protect Site)

    - Enhancement: Tons of performance improvements include "instant" site creation. Several optimizations in the backend cloud.

    - Enhancement: Upgraded entire infrastructure for performance and security monitoring.

    - Enhancement: Faster creation and launch from templates.

    - Beta: Our connect plugin is live on repo -

    - Beta: Chrome Extension v2.0 - add plugins/themes to existing InstaWP sites is released on the store.


  8. v2.3.0

    New Feature

    - Added: Set default WordPress Site Language in "Configurations".

    - Added: Change PHP Version for existing sites (Goto Sites > PHP Configuration).

    - Added: mod_headers support in ours Servers.

    - Added: Post-Execution Commands added for Shared Templates (Set dynamic values such a plugin license key etc.)

    - Enhancement: Random table prefixes while installing WordPress (instead of instawp_ before).

    - Fixed: Removed WordPress "Upgrade Database" screen.

    - Fixed: Several bugs fixes in application and the cloud, making it faster & secure.


  9. v2.2.0 - FTP without SSH key and Filters

    New Feature

    - Added (MAJOR): Purchase additional features as "Addons" from Subscription Page. (need to have an active subscription for this).

    - Added: Access FTP & SSH using plain password instead of SSH keys

    - Added: Filters on Dashboard (site name search, tags, users, number of sites etc).

    - Fixed: Cloned Site follows the reserved / temporary nature of the parent site.

    - Added: UI revamp for Subscription page and My Account pages.

    - Started: We have started adding multiple languages to the App, updates soon.

    - Fixed: Delete template branding logo.

    - Fixed: Add Custom City option in Billing details.


  10. v2.1.0 - Purchase Addons, WordPress 6.1 Beta 1 and more..

    New Feature

    - Added: Switch domain from to and (useful in case of domain outage)

    - Added: Filters in Sites page to filter tags, team members, sites per page, type of sites.

    - Added: Delete LocalWP backup after 24 hours (you may notice that your previous backups will be deleted after 24 hours and reduction in size of your site).

    - Added: Login to FTP using username & password (new servers only).

    - Added: WordPress 6.1 Beta 1 added to the list.

    - Added: Suffix Domain support in the new cloud. (only affects whitelabel/suffix domain customers).

    - Added: Purchase Addons on top of your existing plans.

    - Added: New UI for Account Settings.

    - Fixed: Hours in Days for shared templates.

    - Fixed: Slow speed seen some times on some websites.