Watch this space for release announcements for InstaWP

  1. v2.19.0 - Vulnerability scanner, PHP workers, and easier upgrade process.

    New Feature
    • Scan InstaWP sites with in-built Vulnerability scanner to scan core, plugins & themes (pro plan and above)
    • Increase PHP workers for any site to add more CPU resources to the site (pro plan and above)
    • Tags are now optional for email marketing integrations.
    • Easy upgrade process for free users to any paid account.
    • Template purchase flow is fixed and updated.
    • Fix invalid Recaptcha issues for onboarding sites.
    • Fix the issue with removing commands.
    • Fix page speed insight issues.


  2. v2.18.0 - New monetized template flow, Onboarding flow. Update the integrations screen.

    New Feature
    • Integrations screen is overhauled completely.
    • Partner portal for our Ads program.
    • Brand new onboarding UI.
    • The gallery section is now available outside of Advance Options.
    • Fix the issue of white label uniqueness.
    • Fix the issue with the admin email address while creating a site from the template.
    • Fix the plugin installation issue for a WordPress instance.
    • Fix the issue of metadata with the installation of the WordPress instance.
    • Fix WaaS issues.


  3. v2.17.0 - New site creation flow, 3D card accept for shared template, Migration flow update.

    New Feature
    • Site creation flow is redesigned with essentials component to pre-select plugins.
    • 3D Card support added for payments.
    • Set number of warmed up sites for individual templates (Enterprise only).
    • Shared template list now links to the parent site with 1-click.
    • Allow space while creating a command's variable.
    • Fix payout connectivity-related issues.
    • Fix the shared template page issue.
    • Fix site label issue.
    • Fix template creation and WaaS issues.


  4. v2.16.0 - Added new error pages, Page speed insights feature, and Noun/adjective list. Header menu's appearance changes.

    New Feature
    • Page speed insights feature added.
    • Edit site label feature added.
    • Nouns and adjective lists were added for custom domains.
    • Added new error pages.
    • Header menu appearance change.
    • View cred design update.
    • Fixed design-related issues on multiple hosting plans with different mode
    • Fix team switches issues on child pages.
    • Fix the WaaS issue.
    • Fix the hosting delete URL issue.


  5. v2.14.0 - InstaWP Store, Real-time updates for domain mapping

    • Accepting requests for Templates to be sold through the InstaWP store.
    • Provide real-time updates for Domain Mapping.
    • Fix the issue with bulk delete sites.
    • Fix the language selection issue.
    • Fix the redirect issue on the add-on page.
    • Fix the billing issue on the Addon Popup.


  6. v2.13.0 - Mailtrap, Woocommerce generator

    New Feature
    • Integrated WooCommerce product generation under the Faker tab.
    • Integrated Mailtrap as an email service for sites
    • Support pre and post wp-options for WordPress instances.
    • The new user interface for the site edit page interface.
    • The reserve site option has now defaulted in the configuration.
    • Choose PHP version while creating a new site from the template.
    • Filter sites based on tags by clicking on them.
    • Fix the issue while adding a payment method.
    • Fix issues in the shared template and edit template process.
    • Fix User's Usage stats.
    • Fix server selection logic in configuration.
    • Performance improvements.



  7. v2.12.0 - Hosting Integration, Atarim Integration, WaaS

    New Feature

    - Hosting Integration with Runcloud, Cloudways and Pressable released (in beta)

    - Integration with Atarim (for quick collaboration on websites)

    - WaaS released in beta mode.

    - Integration with Active Campaign (for Shared Templates, email collection)

    - New look for Template Shared Page.

    - New Staging Plugin released (more stable and settings moved to Tools)

    - Stability improvements.


  8. v2.11.0 - Template Gallery, Servers in LON & FRA

    New Feature

    - Shared Template Landing Page v2 is available, supports Gallery view.

    - Site Disk Usage Details

    - Log git deployments output (Sites > Tools > Logs > Command Logs)

    - Faster loading for, onboarding and other smaller "apps".

    - Added Servers in LON and FRA (in Europe, which makes us compatible with GDPR)

    - Seller Registrations Improvements.


  9. v2.10.0 - New site dialog box, New and Template monetization beta access


    Screenshot-Dashboard - InstaWP-2023-02-10-002424

    - Added: New site dialog box (template store coming soon)

    - Added: New UI/UX for and site launches from Chrome Extension.

    - Added: Pagination for Template Sites

    - Added: Show UI notification when a new version is released

    - Added: Gallery for templates, add multiple photos to a template (this will soon take effect on the front end too).

    - Added: We can migrate your site to a non-busy server if you think your site is slow, contact our support.

    - Added: Webhook history export for template sites.

    - Added: Beta access to template monetization

    - Fixed: Unable to delete site versions

    - Fixed: SSL issues and various backend stability fixes.