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v2.30.0: Optimized Live, Staging & 2-way sync (and 20+ more updates)


⚡ On-demand backup facility

⚡ Option to clone InstaWP Live sites

⚡ Option to add multiple Domains for hosted Sites

🔌 Activity Log

🔌 CLI command to reset staging

🔌 Migration support for Elementor Cloud

🔌 Option to hide shortcut and hide flashing.

🔌 Animation on staging site refresh button

🔌 Support for COOKIE_DOMAIN constant in wp-config.



⚡ Translation For Hosting and Golive

⚡ UX/UI issues

⚡ SSH SFTP Password limit

⚡ Search Replace URL on Hosting site map domain

⚡ WaaS Insta Site migrate Connect URL

🔌 Configuration issues for staging creation from local

🔌 2-way sync event date timezone issue.

🔌 2-way sync duplicate event issue.

🔌 Staging site list items' automatically removal



⚡ Magic login

⚡ The overall system architecture is now SaaS-based

⚡ InstaWP Live's PHP and WP versions updated

⚡ InstaWP Live Pricing Calculator UI

🔌 Overall performance for every dashboard page being loaded

🔌 2-way sync feature's performance

🔌 Stabilized the staging site creation process



⚡- InstaWP App | 🔌 - Connect Plugin