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v2.21.0 - Rewritten Staging Plugin, Sync anywhere, Go live WaaS, Wildcloud

Highlights 🚀

  • Rewritten staging plugin from the ground up for stability and speed
  •  Sync b/w Prod & Staging (both can be at your own hosting account). Activate beta mode to use this feature.
  • Migrate v3 is now live. Activate beta mode to use this feature.
  • Go Live mode in WaaS (Provide a trial site first & allow the customer to go live with it as a hosted site).
  • Integration with (WaaS provider) is now live.


  • [Connect Plugin] Collapsible file & table exclusion screen
  • [Connect Plugin] Check for compatibility with PHP extensions support
  • [WaaS] Add a tag "WaaS Enabled" for Hosting Providers which support WaaS 
  • [Core] Ability to set reply-to address when a shared template’s email is sent.
  • [Core] Autosave site backups before deletion (for pro account holders)
  • [Core] French language added for shared templates.
  • [Connect Plugin] Introduced batch-based sync system.


  • [Connect Plugin] Include parent theme for "active_themes" only option
  • [Connect Plugin] Abort function fixed
  • [Connect Plugin] Disconnect function fixed
  • [Core] Fixed site creation with custom name
  • [Core] Improve the speed of accessing the dashboard and site listing.
  • [Connect Plugin] Support for Phardata library for improved compatibility
  • [Connect Plugin] Config API Key issue is fixed
  • [Connect Plugin] WordFence whitelist IP address dynamically.


 Full release notes for InstaWP Connect