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v2.1.0 - Purchase Addons, WordPress 6.1 Beta 1 and more..

New Feature

- Added: Switch domain from to and (useful in case of domain outage)

- Added: Filters in Sites page to filter tags, team members, sites per page, type of sites.

- Added: Delete LocalWP backup after 24 hours (you may notice that your previous backups will be deleted after 24 hours and reduction in size of your site).

- Added: Login to FTP using username & password (new servers only).

- Added: WordPress 6.1 Beta 1 added to the list.

- Added: Suffix Domain support in the new cloud. (only affects whitelabel/suffix domain customers).

- Added: Purchase Addons on top of your existing plans.

- Added: New UI for Account Settings.

- Fixed: Hours in Days for shared templates.

- Fixed: Slow speed seen some times on some websites.